Random update, Ushio & Ultralith

Gotta let them burn in. I’m now about 2 weeks into the Ushio 14K bulb, and I am happy with the change. The first week was awful, water color was akin to someone taking a leak in the reef. But, the yellow has faded, much more white, little blue to speak of. The color of the bulb isn’t as pleasing to me as the Reeflux 12K, but the color changes in my coral are enough to make me stick with this for a while.

Now, I have a nice A. millepora that is turning blue, a tri-color acro whose colors are becoming much more pronounced, and a brown M. digitata that is changing slightly back to its original orange w/ purple tips.

I’ve not dosed any ReefBooster since early November. I was getting some cyano and dinos with each dose, so I’m holding off for the time being. I’ve continued with the BioDigest and Bioptim each 2 weeks, and I’m happy with the results. There is no nuisance algae, save for a sprout of two that gets taken care of by snails, my water looks nice and clear, and with the bulb change, my colors are starting to change for the better.

Will continue to dose Prodibio per the 2 week schedule, but I’ll be adding a new daily regimen to the reef this week - Fauna Marin’s Ultralith system. I haven’t tested my water in some time, aside from kH, but a glance at my tank tells me all is well. Just need to finish my re-aquascape, do a water change & adjust parameters, then I’ll start the FM system.