Pick Product - Ditch suction cups for good…

I’m a total sucker for little items that make my life easier or make something less annoying. I’ve had fish tanks around most of my life, fresh or salt, and not once have I seen a suction cup last more than 6 months before it’s falling off the glass. Stumbled across these Zoo Med Mag Clips on Premium Aquatics a couple months ago and decided to buy a couple of them.

The MagClips come packaged with 6 different sizes of these clips that just screw into the actual magnet, so you can hold anything from probes, to tubing, heaters, whatever you need. The magnets are also pretty strong, so no worries about your gear falling.

The first ones I bought a couple months back have not shown any signs of rust in the tank, nor have they slipped. They’re solid, encased magnets, and if you need to change its use to hold a heater instead of your pH probe, just pop in another clamp. On that note, I could do without the bag full of extra unused clips - each pack only has 1 magnet, and I really don’t see myself changing out clips.

I recently placed another order and have replaced every single heater suction cup in both of my tanks (FW & reef). I am also using them to hold all probes, RO tubing connected to my dosing pumps (reduced the vibration) & my top off sensor.

I’ve seen some DIY magnets similar to this idea, but in my opinion, $5 for these things is a great buy.