The Real World - Wildlife of Ngamiland

Tank is a bit of a mess but mind is clear… Am I back in the “real world” now, or have I just returned from a visit to it? … no question… Whether the remote cold tundra, open savanna, or some meters under on an atoll, pulling away every now and then, zero contact, is a great reminder that life, as mother nature intended, could certainly do without us.

As I get back on track, please enjoy a few random vacation photos I took in Botswana & Zimbabwe. Another 1,000 5,000 or so to sort through (gotta love digital), but these are a few of my favorites that I’ve sorted thus far.

Over Okavango Delta
Little Green Bee-eater (Merops orientalis)
Making the way through haze of bush fires...
African moment
Pride of seven lion crossing the spillway
Vervet Monkey
Saddle-billed stork
Reed Cormorant in sunset
The Baobab
Day Lily in Vumbura
African Wild Dog - 2nd most endangered species in the world. Fortunate to see these two.
Pied Kingfisher before the dive
Lion v. Red Lechwe... pretty f'n exhilarating to watch