Status Report

Been a while since any update on my tank, so … A few changes in the last couple months, well, all changes but water changes.

I switched out the Iwasaki 50K bulb in favor of a Radium 20K. I like this bulb as well, and will stick with rotating the Ushio 14K, Iwasaki 50K & this Radium until we move / upgrade. I am of the opinion that I will never be 100% happy with a single halide bulb, so best to stop fiddling with it until I can set up a couple VHO with it.

The Tunze 9010 skimmer was ditched. It simply failed to produce, is extremely touchy, very sensitve to low levels of sediment and simply didn’t work for this tank. I’m keeping it for now, will give it a try on another tank. Bought a used Octopus NW couple months back and it appears to be much better suited.

The tank no longer uses any Prodibio, now strictly Fauna Marin Ultralith. I’m giving the FM bacteria Ultra-Bio a second chance. I have a ton of the Prodibio bacs left over, which are doing a great job on my FW planted tank.

The xenia is now under control. I spent a good hour one morning ripping it out of all the crevices. I figure that will be a quarterly task as long as I have this tank. The anthelia & GSP, however, are really irking me. See for yourself in the photos below.

All in all, lots of other things going on so I unfortunately haven’t had too much time to work on the aquarium. I’m making up 10 gallons and will get a good hour or two in this Sunday to epoxy over the anthelia and frag that A. subulata that it is killing.

OUCH! Fortunately, the Xanthasia sp. moved to the A. tenuis next door

As we can see (or can’t see, since I chickened out on posting the full tank shot…), there’s a bit of work to be done… On my quick list are cleaning glass, puimps & salt creep, killing / epoxying over the anthelia, siphoning detritus from sump (which I suspect is causing some loss of color), selling some fragments, re-meshing pump, changing zeolites & carbon, changing tubing on litermeter, water changes….

Or how about that upgrade…