A Paper Ocean

In kind of a throwback to an old post on Glassbox Design, and adding to one of his more recent posts “The Remarkable Pico Reef of Marcelo“, I happened across some of Marcelo’s marine inspired artwork on flickr.  His ‘Marcelocean’ collection of paper sculptures bear such titles as “Basslets & Soft Coral”, “Dascyllus aruanus & acropora” & “Zebrasoma xanthurus”, so if you can guess what the subjects might be… The depth of the sculptures is awesome, and the details, especially with respect to the anatomy of the animals,  I find impressive as well.

Marcelo’s (or Tatsuyoshi Ishii, his Japanese pen name) Marcelocean collection, as well as his other artwork, can be found on his homepage and his flickr page. And if you’re so inclined, it seems you can even purchase the artwork.

Clownfish & Sea Anemone
2006, Paper sculpture
Height 15cm * Width 40cm

Basslets & Soft Coral
2006 Paper sculpture
Height 20cm * Width 20cm