AIMS Coral Search Back Online…?

If you hadn’t taken notice, the old Coral Search identification site has been down for quite some time, but it now seems to be back in a new and improved version! Forgive me if this is old news (!!!), but I was unaware it was back online after at least 3 or 4 months of having vanished into the internet ether.

Hopefully it’s back permanently, as this is easily one of, if not the best stony coral identification sites available. The AIMS Coralsearch is set up, as was the old one, for easy searches by Family & Genus with options to further narrow down by morphology & region (Atlantic of Indo-Pacific) to assist you in ID’ing & referencing your SPS coral.

Easy to waste some serious time on AIMS database. Enjoy!

Other cool ID sites, please feel free to add to the arsenal:

Coral Idea

Melev’s Reef ID Page (Coral, Hitchhikers, Pests and more…)

Reef Central SPS ID forum SPS Identifications

Coralpedia (Carribean Species)