Aquacultured ‘Black Photon’ Clowns

Came across a thread on Reef Central some time ago and just checked back today in the Clownfish & Anemone forums. Many of you are familiar with Dr. Sanjay Joshi, especially his work with aquarium lighting. If for some reason you’re not, shame on you!
As he posted in January, his pair of clownfish decided to spawn. The fry of the A. percula “Onyx” X A. ocellaris “Darwin” were raised and dubbed “Black Photon” clowns. Dr. Joshi gave an explanation today of the origin of the name for his fish in the thread on Reef Central as:
BLACK as in both parents being predominantly black color. The black ocellaris and Onyx Perc.
PHOTON – from the ongoing ribbing I take from my friends who have labeled me the PHOTON MAN due to all my lighting work and presentations. They took it far enough that PHOTON MAN made to the cover of a reef magazine.
Hence my fun name for these fish – BLACK PHOTONS Black clownfish hybrids raised by the PHOTON MAN. (lol)
I didn’t see them and wish I had, but apparently a pair was for sale on Live Aquaria’s Diver’s Den some time fairly recently. I would love to see how they develop, as the parents (you can see on the link below) are a couple of great looking fish. Love successful breeding stories, and the documentation he provides is outstanding – please check out his write up on the process here on Manhattan Reefs & support aquaculture!
The Odd Couple (A. percula “Onyx” X A. ocellaris “Darwin”)
By Sanjay Joshi on Manhattan Reefs
Hybrid Onyx perc with Black Ocellaris (Reef Central Thread)