Death of a Rubbermaid

After a number of months, I’ve landed back in the hobby. Not that I ever left, but a gorgeous summer combined with a move that resulted in the loss of a number of stony corals took a bit of a toll on my enthusiasm and motivation to get a new tank set up right away. The corals that made it have been chilling in a rubber maid 30gal tub, and my fish have been waiting, perhaps impatiently, in a 20 long.

Over the past 4 months since we moved, I’ve been through numerous lists of equipment and about 5 tank designs (and twice that many quotes!). Having observed time and space shift conversely to the number of home projects that kept presenting themselves, I decided that the only way my animals were ever going to get out of the Rubbermaid tubs in the basement closet was to keep it simple. So, I got an ELOS mini, and the freight shipper just dropped it off yesterday.

It should see at least a fresh water run by this weekend. I haven’t assembled the sump / filtration at all, just the cabinet and overflows from the tank – and of course the E-lite. There’s no way I wasn’t at least turning it on! First impressions of the Elos system mini are positive. Everything is well packed, well built, and well designed. More later as I get it filled!