Track Your Coral’s Growth with Reeflines is a new website that beautifully facilitates the tracking of your corals lineage and their growth in your tank via photos. If you have a long build thread that makes it impossible to compare growth shots or, like me, folders full of unorganized coral images that never get looked at, this may just be the tool you’ve been waiting for.

Here’s a look at my Psammocora profundacella page. I took all the photos I could find of my P. profundacella, uploaded them (one by one for the time being), and now have this page dedicated to the coral. Each coral can be tagged with various info – the name of the LFS or person you acquired it from, the date acquired, and whatever else you want to remember. It is also possible to keep tabs on fragments you’ve made, and to whom they’ve been given – a feature that could be excellent for local clubs with a type of “Pay It Forward” program.

Facebook for Corals? Well, not quite, but for those of you that do indeed use Facebook, this should come as second nature. It’s as simple as opening an account, “creating a coral”, uploading photos & tagging them.The wall & commenting areas should make interaction fun, while also providing an area for coral ID requests or perhaps to ask the coral’s owner about specific care / placement, etc.

Reeflines is currently in somewhat of a beta phase, so a little patience may be required as kinks are worked out. Be sure to note any bugs or via the “Feedback” tab. Huge thumbs up to Richie Vos for creating this kick ass site!